Your builders guide comes to you as a 75+ page print sized 24" X 18" and provides you with the in-depth educational tools and information to build your own all-metal Hestia Tiny Home.

This guide breaks the entire process down to a rudimentary level. The specific tools and raw materials are discussed with pictures to show what you are looking at. There are multi-dimensional views of the Tiny Home structure so you will gain valuable insight into how you CAN build your own Tiny Home which is rodent / insect proof & virtually fire proof. 

The all-metal construction means you will have a Tiny Home that will last for decades upon decades with only the minimal routine maintenance and upkeep.

The insulating properties of the sandwich construction means your energy requirements to heat and cool will be exceptionally low. 

And again the all-metal construction of your Tiny Home means it will be thousands of pounds lighter in weight than a comparable wood fabricated tiny home.


Rodent Proof                                                                                    Termite Proof                                                                                      Roach Proof

High Fire Resistance                                                                     Light Weight                                                                                             Longevity

Ease of Fabrication                                                         Alternative Energy Powered                                                             Tiny Home Boat



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