Hestia Tiny homes Model 12A is a masterpiece of space-use. For the single person or couple who wants their cake and eat it too the Model12A is the home for you. Generous storage space, the Model 12A makes use of the trailer tongue triangle area to move the kitchen, propane tanks, hot water heater, and outside accessable storage to a location which frees up space in the main living area. 

With the Model 12A you get a shower and toilet in an enclosed space for privacy should you wish. A monk staircase leads to the dormered sleeping loft with more than 4' of height available. 

The kitchen is well appointed using tiny appliance. the fridge and feezer are under the counter tops for food prep. the island is moveable and serves double duty as a kitchen table / dinette.

Option "B" places a 4 foot extension on the tail-end of the home. This area is angled just like the forward area. This small addition performs two very important steps:

1. Increases overall space / volume for bath area and the sleeping loft above / main living space.

2. Dramatically increases fuel efficiency due to its particular shape. Using aircraft aerodynamic technology in your Tiny Home the wind flowing over the home is then naturally routed back into a highly efficient slipstream rather than being bunched up which causes exponential drag. 

This Tiny Home when built intelligently should weigh less than 2000 pounds. Our calculations indicate the entire shell and trailer should come in around 1476 pounds minus furniture and appliances. This is important to the avid traveler. Ease of trailering, efficiency, very good fuel mileage, smaller vehicle needed, and its robust all metal design will last decades and decades.

This is but just an example of how using our building guide you can make your Tiny Home dream a reality.